About Us

                                            Our institute is one of the important scientific research department of science technology committee, We are always engaged in research development and production of vacuum obtain, vacuum application technology and equipment for a long period of time. We have the plenitude technology force and our major products include: ZY,2BE,SK,2SK,SZ,SZB series liquid-ring vacuum pump, WLD,2WLD series vertical no-oil single, double stage reciprocating vacuum pump and all kinds of vacuum pump units, ZGP, ZGS, ZGX, ZGH, JTZ series drier, wind power transport equipment, ZF vacuum generate equipment, microwave drier. Medical gas engineering, design and installation of central air conditiong system are also contracted to do.

                                            We will provide good services for wide customers with perfect management, good quality products, a reasonable price, and rapid service. All kinds of vacuum equipment are supplied for the all customers as well. We will warmly welcome the civil and alien customers for your patronage.

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